June 17, 2024

The Ghana Police Service in North Gonja today 23/05/2023 received logistical support to aid operations of the FPU in the District. The FPU is a re-organized special unit of the Ghana Police Service as a backup division supporting the work of other operational units within the Service.

The North Gonja District has received maximum security attention due to her hotspot; District Chief Executive Hon Adam Eliasu Red Bawa with support from DISEC welcomed Sixty-Six (66) Police Personnel a fourth night ago into the District. Known as the ‘Formed Police Unit (FPU), the North Gonja District Police Command has established two (2) FPU units in Daboya and Mankarigu Zones respectively.

Hon Adam Eliasu Red Bawa as chairman for DISEC handed over Two (2) Pick-Up Hillux Vehicles and Twenty (20) Motorbikes to the Service at the Daboya Police Station with One (1) Pick-Up Vehicle and Ten (10) motorbikes each for the Daboya and Mankarigu Zones accordingly. The FPU units in the District will carry out mobile duties that will respond to public disorder situations and maintain law and Order. Formerly called the Armoured Car Squadron (ACS), the FPU unit will engage in activities such as hostage rescue, counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency, criminal intelligence gathering, house and vehicle search and barricade reconnaissance and removal.

In a short presentation, the DCE conveyed heartwarming appreciation to the team on behalf of the chiefs and people of North Gonja. Hon Red Bawa assured the Police Service of maximum cooperation and support from his outfit.

Chief Inspector Prince Boakye expressed delight in the DCE’s encouraging words and requested prompt support to defray the operational and administrative costs of the team while permanent welfare arrangements are made for his team.

God Bless North Gonja And Make Us Great And Strong.

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